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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are a popular way to add functional living space to a single-family home. See our gallery of ADU designs below.

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ADU Style #1

Bedrooms:2 Bathrooms:1.5 Sq.Feet:900

ADU Portfolio 1200 sq. ft. Features a generous loft. One Bedroom and bath gives a very spacious feel. Roughly 40’X 17′ Also shown is a 10’X 16′ Kingston Pergola.

ADU Style #2


ADU Portfolio 1191 sq. ft. with a 6.5’X 14.5′ inset porch. Two bedrooms and one bath. Overall dimensions are 31.5’X 20′ Also Shown is our 10′ Vinyl Octagon Gazebo.

ADU Style #3

ADU Portfolio 700 sq. ft. Has two bedrooms and one bath. Overall Dimensions are 24’X32′. Features a 4’X17′ overhang over the front door. Pool for example only.

ADU Style #4

ADU Portfolio 1200 sq. ft. With attached Garage. Two bedrooms, an office, one bath. Large entry with a bar. Also shown are 11’X15′ porch and 10’X 12′ Santa Fe Vinyl Pavilion

ADU Style #5

ADU Portfolio 935 sq. ft. Two Bedroom, Large Bath, 4’X8′ inset porch. Dimensions 26’X35′

ADU Style #6

ADU Portfolio 1196 sq. ft. with attached Garage U-shape design. Two Bedroom, Large Entry, Overall footprint dimensions: 39.5′ X 48′ Also shown: Arbor

ADU Style #7

ADU Portfolio 1200 sq. ft. including loft. One bedroom, One bath. 7.5’X17′ Porch. Overall Footprint size: 30’X24′. Also shown is a 15’X15′ Artisan Pergola.

ADU Style #9

ADU Portfolio 500 sq. ft. Simple Design. One Bedroom and Bath. 20’X 24.5′

ADU Style #10

ADU Portfolio 750 sq. ft. Two Bedroom, One Bath. 30.5’X25′