Are you looking to give yourself a private space where you can allow your creative side to flourish with minimal disruption?

If you have a backyard shed that’s been sitting unused or you’re looking to buy a new shed specifically to be your art studio, this guide will help you explore ideas for furniture, lighting, flooring, storage, and other amenities to help you create the perfect artistic haven.

Art Studio Shed Models

Studio Shed Style 1 of 3

The Studio features a contemporary design with plenty of space for windows, making it an ideal choice for a home office, artist’s studio, or work area.

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Colonial Sheds Style 2 of 3

An upgrade package on our popular Garden Shed style, the Colonial Shed features the steeper roofline of our larger New England Shed and a wider 12-inch eave with decorative braces.

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New England Sheds Style 3 of 3

Your solution for maximum storage without a garage look, our New England Shed features 8′ walls, a steep roof and a heavy-duty loft covering half the interior.

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Budget Considerations

While each art studio shed is unique, a typical budget for a 10×16 Studio or Colonial shed ranges from $20,000 – $40,000 with standard features.

Planning Tips

Allow in Lots of Natural Light

Choose a shed model that features plenty of windows to maximize natural light. Adding skylights or opting for large double doors will flood your workspace with natural light.

Choose Low-Maintenance Flooring

Opt for durable, easy-to-clean flooring – like our ⅝” LP Smartside flooring. It resists warping, splitting and cracking for longer-lasting life. The Smartside flooring can be painted or covered with laminate.

Whichever flooring option you choose, just make sure it is able to withstand spills and won’t easily stain.

Budget for Insulation

Temperature control is crucial for year-round comfort. Invest in proper insulation to keep your studio warm in winter and cool in summer. Generally, insulation with an R-value between R-13 and R-23 should work well for a studio shed in Central California.

Essential Art Studio Furniture

Work Table

Invest in a sturdy, spacious worktable that allows you to spread out your materials and work comfortably.


If you’re into painting, a good-quality easel is essential. Choose one that suits your preferred medium and size of artwork.

Comfortable Seating

Consider adding a comfortable chair or two for those moments of contemplation and planning.

The Finishing Touches

Personalize It

This is your space, so make it yours! Paint the walls in your favorite colors, hang inspiring artwork, add comfy throws and pillows. Let your personality shine through.

Boost Your Mood & Creativity

Consider amenities that enhance your creative flow. A mini-fridge keeps drinks and snacks handy, while a small sound system sets the mood with your favorite tunes.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential, especially when working with solvents or paints. Install extractor fans or open windows regularly to ensure fresh air circulation.

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Barbara Buchler (Google Review)

Interior Storage Options

Shelving Units: Install sturdy shelves for organizing art supplies, reference materials, and finished or in-progress artwork.

Storage Cabinets: Use cabinets with doors to keep dust and debris away from valuable supplies.

Tool Organizers: Hang pegboards or use wall-mounted organizers to keep brushes, pencils, and other tools within easy reach.

Lighting & Extras


Layered lighting is key. Overhead track lighting provides general illumination, while adjustable task lamps focus light on your work area. String lights or fairy lights add a cozy ambiance.

Extra Amenities To Consider

Music System: Consider adding a music system to set the mood and inspire creativity.

Inspiration Board: Create an inspiration board with images, sketches, and quotes to keep your creative juices flowing.

Sink With Running Water: A sink makes cleaning up brushes and other tools a breeze, especially for messy media like paint, clay, or pottery.

Build & Quote Your Art Studio Shed

Use our 3D builder to design your shed or garage and get an estimated price. You choose the colors, roof type, accessories, and more.

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