Here Comes Your New Backyard Structure

Whether you purchase a shed, gazebo, horse barn, pergola, or pavilion from Backyard Unlimited, our experienced installation crew will deliver and install your new structure. Our guys are friendly, hardworking, and eager to please. Here’s what you need to know about installing your new backyard structure.

Scheduling Installation

After ordering your backyard structure, we will give you a rough time estimate for when you can expect installation. During this period, we will schedule any necessary site prep work.

When your structure is ready, we will call you to schedule your installation. We work within your schedule to find the best available time for our team to deliver and install the structure. In case of inclement weather, we might need to move the installation to another date.

How We Install

On installation day, our crew will arrive with a pickup truck and small trailer with all the components for your structure. Since our products are assembled on-site, we can use most fence gates to access your backyard (36” gate is sufficient).

For most sheds and landscape structures, it will only take one day for installation. Larger structures that require inspections may take up to a week to complete. Our team will clean up and haul away all the trash, leaving your backyard in better condition than we found it.

No subcontractors here; we only use Backyard Unlimited employees to install your backyard structure. Their experience and detailed training on our products mean your job will be installed to your complete satisfaction.

Delivering a Finished Interior Shed

If you are looking to add a finished interior shed – whether as a home office, workout studio, or art studio – delivery looks a little different. Since these sheds are delivered in one piece, instead of assembled on site, we need to get creative with putting them in place.

Our prefabricated structures are delivered and installed directly in your backyard by our experienced staff. By using a crane, we can position the structure in the exact spot you want, no matter the obstacles in your backyard.

Questions About Installation?

Contact Backyard Unlimited if you have any questions about your upcoming installation. We would be glad to help!

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