Custom-Built Structures for Horses & Small Animals

Looking for a sturdy, attractive, custom-built shelter for your horses or other small farm animals? 

Then you’ll love our top-quality horse barns, run-in sheds, and small animal barns featuring solid construction, superior workmanship, and attractive style. 

Our animal structures provide safety and security for animals from roof to floor. With durable construction materials and composite wood trim and fascia that deliver an authentic wood grain appearance, your new structure will look great and last for years to come. The materials we used are also backed by manufacturers’ warranties to give you added peace of mind.

Horse Barns

Understanding a horse’s unique requirements for space, comfort, and safety, we build horse barns that include spacious stalls for up to four horses. Our barns provide ample room for rest and movement, high ceilings for adequate ventilation, and smooth, kick-proof walls to prevent injuries. Customization options can also include convenient features like a tack room for equipment storage, a feed room to keep supplies organized and clean, and a wash stall for grooming.

Horse Barns

Small Animal Barns

Our small animal barns are ideal for use with goats, sheep, pigs, and other small farm animals, offering the same durable construction and customizable features as our horse barns.

Goat Barns
Goats need a sturdy, secure, and comfortable environment, and we construct our goat barns using high-quality materials to ensure protection from the elements as well as from their playful antics. Each barn includes ample space for sleeping, feeding, and play, plus options for custom features like food storage. Whether you have a small herd or just a few pets, our expert team can build a goat barn that perfectly meets your needs.

Sheep Barns
We understand the unique requirements of sheep, including their need for warm, draft-free housing during colder months and shaded areas in warmer weather. Each of our sheep barns feature space for movement, resting, and feeding, and you can customize your sheep barn with options like integrated feeders and partitioned lambing areas.

Pig Barns
Our pig barns are designed to offer a robust, hygienic, and comfortable living space for these intelligent creatures. Crafted with high-quality materials to withstand the playful and sometimes rough nature of pigs, our pig barns ensure durability and ease of maintenance. Our designs allow for customizable options, including separate areas for feeding, sleeping, and farrowing, ensuring that each pig has access to the space and resources needed for healthy development.

Small Animal Barns

Run-In Sheds

Our custom-designed run-in sheds can be tailored for the specific needs of your horses to provide them with instant protection from the outdoor elements. Our run-ins feature all-wood construction with Smart-Tech siding or optional board-and-batten siding and are available in sizes to accommodate up to four horses. Our run-in sheds can also be customized with optional features like a tack room for feed or storage.

Run-in Barns

Backyard Unlimited: Redefining Horse Barns

Our horse barns and run-in sheds offer superior workmanship and are installed by our own installers to maximize your satisfaction.

Want to add a tack room to store feed or riding gear? No problem! We can help you customize a horse barn with features to make life easier for you and your horses.

Standard Features of Our Premium Horse Barns

Strong Post & Beam Construction

This form of construction offers rock-solid protection that can take whatever your horses can dish out, with greater benefits over metal barns.

Oak Kick Board

Our horse barns feature a solid oak kick board all the way around to prevent horse injuries.

Temperature & Sound Insulation

Our horse barns offer solid wood construction that provides better insulation from temperature extremes, providing a more comfortable environment for your horses. Plus, wood barns and run-in sheds are also quieter during heavy thunderstorms and hail, ensuring your horses stay calmer during inclement weather.

Attractive Appearance

Our horse barns feature attractive, board & batten siding that offers a vintage look most horse enthusiasts favor.

Happy Customers

“So happy with our run in barn. We went through multiple design changes and the backyard team accommodated at every turn. Installation was flawless. The installation guys were amazing. It was installed on time as promised. We look forward to years of enjoyment.”

H.G. (Google Review)

What Makes Our Animal Structures Different?

Durable Construction

Our animal structures are built to last. From the flooring to the roofing materials, each component is selected to provide a long-lasting structure that meets your needs.

Trim & Fascia

Our trim and fascia are made of composite wood, which gives your structure authentic-looking wood grain and a special finishing touch. Our trim is resistant to rot, guaranteeing a quality look for many years.

Leading Warranties

By using the highest quality building materials available today, we are able to offer the following manufacturers’ warranties on all our structures: 30-Year Warranty on floor runners, 50-Year Warranty on siding and trim, and Lifetime Warranty on roof shingles.

Distinctive Options

At Backyard Unlimited, we have many options that allow you to customize your animal structure to fit your needs and preferences. From cupolas and weathervanes to unique doors and windows, we are sure you will find the perfect complements to your structure.

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