Quality, Amish-Made Storage Sheds in California

Whether you simply need more storage space or dream of adding a home office, studio, or workout area right in your own backyard, our line of quality storage sheds might be the perfect solution! Built by Amish craftsmen, and available throughout Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, our garden sheds offer attractive and detailed styling you’ll appreciate, along with solid construction that ensures long-lasting durability.

Studio Style 1 of 11

The Studio features a contemporary design with plenty of space for windows, making it an ideal choice for a home office, artist’s studio, or work area.

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Garden Style 2 of 11

Suburban-style garden sheds offer many of the same features as our A-frame shed model with a steeper roof pitch that adds height for additional storage capabilities. This model is also a great choice to finish out into a home office or studio.

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A-Frame Style 3 of 11

Offering classic styling and clean lines, our A-frame sheds make great storage sheds with plenty of height to hold all your gear. Plus, the A-frame blends perfectly with just about any backyard design.

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Garden Quaker Style 4 of 11

Combining the features of our Garden and Quaker models our Garden Quaker offers the steeper roof pitch of the Garden shed with the attractive sidewalls and 18″ overhang of the Quaker shed.

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Quaker Style 5 of 11

Also known as carriage sheds, our Quaker-style sheds feature a 7′ front wall and 6′ back wall, combined with an 18” overhang for attractive styling you’ll love.

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High Barn Style 6 of 11

Offering a wider roofing style for accommodating additional loft storage, the high barn is the perfect choice to maximize your storage space or store vehicles and other large items.

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Hip Roof Style 7 of 11

Looking for more contemporary styling? Then check out our Hip Roof shed models, offering an attractive, downward sloping roof. Ideal for waterfront properties or other areas that experience high winds.

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Victorian Style 8 of 11

Our Victorian sheds offer an attractive dormer for added style. Perfect for storage or turn it into a great home office or workshop!

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Colonial Style 9 of 11

An upgrade package on our popular Garden Shed style, the Colonial Shed features the steeper roofline of our larger New England Shed and a wider 12-inch eave with decorative braces.

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New England Style 10 of 11

Your solution for maximum storage without a garage look, our New England Shed features 8′ walls, a steep roof and a heavy-duty loft covering half the interior.

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Finished Interior Sheds Style 11 of 11

Add a home office, she shed, man cave, etc to your backyard. Our Finished Interior Sheds are a great way to quickly add your own private space in your backyard.

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Backyard Unlimited: Redefining Backyard Structures

At Backyard Unlimited, we strive to bring you a high-quality product with many features that make a better building. With larger overhangs and distinctive options, our structures look better than competing products. We have many different options that will complement your backyard decor and add value to your home. These extra features make our structures feel more like part of your landscape.

All our prefabricated sheds and backyard structures are delivered and assembled by our own installers, so you know you are getting the highest quality product possible.

Building a Better Backyard Shed

Larger Overhang

With a larger overhang than competing products, your backyard structure will have a distinctive artistic touch that will set your structure apart from others on the market.

Trim & Fascia

Our trim and fascia are made of composite wood giving your shed an authentic looking wood grain and a special finishing touch. Our trim is resistant to rot, guaranteeing a quality look for many years.

Leading Warranties

By using the highest quality building materials available today, we are able to offer the following manufacturers’ warranties on all our structures: 30-Year Warranty on floor runners, 50-Year Warranty on siding and trim, and Lifetime Warranty on roof shingles.

Distinctive Options

At Backyard Unlimited, we have many options that allow you to customize your building to fit your needs and preferences. From cupolas and weathervanes to unique doors and windows, we are sure you will find the perfect complements to your building.

More Than Just a Shed

Sheds and garages are more than just a place to store things; homeowners are transforming them into home offices, man caves and she sheds, art studios, workshops, and more. See the most popular and creative shed transformations.

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Happy Customers

“We purchased a 10×12 as that was all the zoning would allow. It was set up in one day. The team and the quality of the product were great. We have now, wired, insulated, sheet rocked, textured, conditioned, and painted and I have one of the nicest offices of my career. The neighbors all love it as well. The transom feature offers great light and gives a sense of a bigger space to the interior. It is a fine product from a great team.”

Scott Rowe (Facebook Review)

“I LOVE my 10×12 shed! I was very surprised at how cool it stayed inside this past summer as it gets the southwest exposure. It must be that silver coating on the inside that keeps it cool and the roof vent. It is well made. I have recommended you to all of my friends.”

Deanna Fogerty (Facebook Review)

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