Additional Dwelling Space for Your Property

Thanks to recently passed state and local laws, it is easier for Californians to add a detached structure to their property for family, caregivers, or tenants. Known as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), it takes a specialized company to navigate through the various laws and requirements. Backyard Unlimited is a leader in designing and installing ADUs on properties throughout California. See how we can help you add affordable housing to your property.

What are Accessory Dwelling Units?

ADUs are self-contained, smaller living units that are located on the lot of an existing single-family home. There are several types of ADUs, including detached (carriage house), attached (converted garage), or repurposed (finished basement).

Specific laws and guidelines govern ADUs, and the laws can vary based on municipality. Two major requirements for ADUs are: 1) the structure must be fewer than 1,200 square feet; 2) the property owner must reside in either the main residence or the ADU.


Have ADU Questions? Get Answers from the Experts

We’ve compiled our years of experience building prefab structures into The Ultimate Guide to ADUs in California. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the ADU process – from planning & permitting to designing & construction.

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Benefits of ADUs

Californians have always been looking for ways to add affordable housing options, turning garages and carriage houses into in-law quarters or small homes to rent. See how the next generation of California property owners are benefiting from new ADUs.

Benefits of ADUs

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ADUs can come in a variety of styles. See some of the popular ADU designs we’ve built for property owners.

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How to Choose the Right ADU Design/Build Specialist

Designing and building an Accessory Dwelling Unit is a large, complex investment. You need someone who knows the ADU laws and has expertise in designing and installing smaller structures.

Most builders and home contractors don’t know the ADU laws well enough, causing delays and costly mistakes. Plus, they do not have the experience in building smaller homes.

Here at Backyard Unlimited, we have spent the last decade installing hundreds of accessory structures throughout California. Our team knows the ADU laws and what it takes to get them permitted and approved. We only use our own employees to design, assemble, and finish our structures. It’s not surprising that discerning property owners choose Backyard Unlimited as their ADU design/build contractor.

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