Explore Our Accessory Dwelling Unit Models

Need some inspiration on what’s possible with Accessory Dwelling Units? Browse some of our ADU models popular in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Keep in mind that these serve as a jumping-off point and each ADU is customized to your space, needs, and design aesthetic.

Interested in seeing some finished ADUs? Visit our portfolio of completed ADU projects.


Model:1 Bed Bathrooms:2 Sq. Feet:376

Combining an ADU & 2 car garage into a single 910 square foot detached structure, the Modoc is for people who want to maximize usefulness of the space.


Model:2 Beds Bathrooms:1 Sq. Feet:747

Popular in Northern California, the Klamath adds functionality and practicality in a warm, inviting space.


Model:2 Beds Bathrooms:2 Sq. Feet:735

A popular model that includes 2 beds, 2 baths, and full kitchen & living space in a small footprint.

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Interested in adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit to your property? Use our builder to customize your ADU, then we will contact you to set up an initial consultation to discuss your pricing and other options.

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