Greenhouse Quick Facts

Custom Options for Our Greenhouses

After choosing the style, you can choose to add custom options such as a potting bench, electric fan, and plant tables. There are three standard styles to choose from:

Sizes Available for Greenhouses (in feet)

  • Widths: 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’
  • Lengths: 8’ up to 48’

Site Preparation for Installing a Greenhouse

We recommend a level gravel pad constructed with ¾” crushed stone. The stone should be 3”-4” deep.

What Sets a Backyard Unlimited Custom Greenhouse Apart From the Rest

Our greenhouses are constructed with commercial grade polycarbonate and 50-year composite trim, making them one of the most durable, maintenance free greenhouses money can buy. If you want to focus on your plants rather than maintaining your greenhouse, then our greenhouses are right for you!

Features of Our Backyard Greenhouses

Solid Construction

Our greenhouses are built from a solid, pressure-treated wood frame and outfitted with strong, nearly unbreakable, 8mm, double-walled polycarbonate Plexiglas that offers superior protection from harmful UV rays, while giving your plants the sunlight they need to thrive.

Climate Control

Designed specifically for the California climate, our greenhouses offer plenty of ventilation to release excess heat that can damage tender seedlings or even burn your mature plants. Plus, we offer a fully-automated option with a solar thermostat, that automatically opens the vents and activates the fans to keep your greenhouse at the proper temperature, regardless of the weather conditions.

Self-Contained & Maintenance-Free

Our greenhouses are completely self-contained and arrive fully-assembled and ready for use the same day! Choose our space-efficient lean-to design or opt for a free-standing greenhouse in sizes starting at 10×12.

Options for Convenience

Customize your greenhouse with a variety of options including planting tables or potting benches to make gardening even more convenient.
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Greenhouse Standard Features

A-Frame or Lean-To Style

Pressure-Treated Structural Frame

Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Panels

Two Roof Vents

Available Greenhouse Styles

A-Frame Greenhouses

Our most popular style, the entry-level A-Frame Greenhouse packs plenty of essential features into a sustainable and affordable package. Designed for hobbyist gardeners, the shallow roof pitch and short sidewalls make it easy to manage temperature control during the colder months or at higher elevation.

Garden Greenhouses

When you’re ready to take your gardening game to the next level, look no farther than the Garden Greenhouse. Built for serious growers that need more room, the Garden Greenhouse’s higher walls and steeper roof pitch provide more workable space and can house a larger selection of different seedlings.

Atrium Greenhouses

Elevate the aesthetic of your backyard garden with the Atrium Greenhouse. This fully capable greenhouse provides a beautifully crafted space where you’ll love spending time. Designed with an attractive finish, the Atrium Greenhouse gives you a place to grow your seedlings and your love of nature right in your backyard.

Combo Greenhouse

Can’t decide between a shed or a greenhouse for your backyard? Do you want a greenhouse but need more storage? Our Combo Greenhouse integrates the climate-controlled space of a greenhouse with the extra space and storage options of a shed for all of your potting tools, soil, and planters.

Popular Greenhouse Upgrades and Options

Upgrades and Options
Upgrades and Options

Upgrades and Options

Greenhouse FAQ

How does a custom greenhouse cost?
Custom greenhouses range from $5,000 to $70,000 depending on size and features. The average purchase price is around $10,000 – $20,000.

How much does it cost to include a solar fan & thermostat for climate control?
$1,500 – $2,500

Can I customize my potting bench or plant table for my greenhouse?
Yes. You can have the potting bench and plant tables stand alone or have them built-in. There are also different widths to choose from.

How do the A-Frame greenhouses differ from the Lean-to-styles?
The A-Frame is exactly what it sounds like, an A-Frame roof. The Lean-To has a single slope roof and only comes in smaller sizes. The Lean-To is designed to go up against another structure.

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