Looking to add a detached accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to your California property? We’ve compiled some of our top resources together to help you make an informed decision.

ADU Floor Plans, Blueprints & Pricing

Browse our ADU plans and find the layout, size and price that will best suit your needs and budget, or use our builder to customize your ADU. Select the number of stories, bedrooms, and bathrooms you want, and choose other features like siding and roof style.

ADU Plans

Can an ADU Be Used as a Tiny House?

Before you decide to purchase an ADU for use as a tiny house/primary residence, you need to check if your city, county, or municipality permits tiny houses in your location.

Tiny homes are legal in the state of California but only in certain areas.

ADU vs. Tiny Home Guide for CA

Need an ADU & Garage?
We Have Plan for That.

No need to build two separate structures. We have ADU plans that include both a two-car garage and an ADU in one efficient solution.

Learn more about the ADU and garage combo to see how you can add living space and storage inside a single footprint.

ADU & Garage Combo

ADU vs. Shed – Which One Do You Need?

Unsure which backyard structure is right for you? In this guide, we will compare ADUs with finished interior sheds. See a comparison of uses, pricing, timeline, and other factors that will affect your decision.

ADU vs. Sheds: A Comparison

Does an ADU Increase Property Value?

Building a detached ADU is one of the best ways to add affordable living space to your property. Plus it can generate income (through short-term and long-term rentals) as well as have a tangible increase on your home’s value. Discover the math behind investing in an ADU in California.

How does an ADU increase property value?

How Much Does It Cost To Build an ADU in California?

That’s a common question for homeowners looking to maximize their property. Many factors affect the final price of an ADU construction including design costs, site preparation, construction, utilities, permitting, and interior finishing. We’ll walk you through the steps needed to build an ADU and break down what goes into each of these costs to help you better understand and prepare for your investment.

Cost of Building an ADU in California

Browse ADU Models

Get inspired for your own accessory dwelling unit by looking at our ADU models. Each model features interior & exterior renderings and floor plans, so you can see how each is laid out. Whether you want to follow a model or use it as a jumping off point for a custom ADU, you will be inspired for your project.

Browse ADU Models
Adu Guide 2024

Have ADU Questions? Get Answers from the Experts

We’ve compiled our years of experience building prefab structures into The Ultimate Guide to ADUs in California. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the ADU process – from planning & permitting to designing & construction.

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