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When a homeowner decides to add an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to their property to create in-law quarters, a rental unit, or a guest house for a kid who won’t move out, one additional consideration they often have to contend with is where to park the extra cars. Even if they plan to use the new space for themselves as a home office or studio, the footprint occupied by the ADU can displace part of a driveway and leave them searching for a place to park.

The good news is there’s no need to give up parking for additional living space because you can have both with an ADU and garage combo.

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What Is an ADU & Garage Combo?

The ADU and garage combo is not two separate structures. The combo is a single structure that includes both living space and garage space that can be used for cars, recreational vehicles, or additional storage. By combining living space and storage into one structure and one footprint, homeowners are able to realize significant advantages in construction time, property use, and cost while creating a completely self-sufficient living area.

The ADU portion of the structure contains a kitchen and a bathroom, utilities can be turned on/off without entering the primary unit, and the entire ADU and garage combo structure is built on a permanent foundation in accordance with California requirements.

What Is a Good Design for an ADU & Garage Combo?

The ADU and garage combo is available in a single-story Modoc design that features a two-car garage and a complete ADU with a single bathroom and a combined kitchen and living space. For added convenience and comfort, the garage area offers an additional bath and laundry area.

How Much Space Do You Need for an ADU & Garage Combo?

The single-story Modoc ADU and garage combo is a 910-square-foot building that provides added space and versatile functionality without swallowing up your entire backyard. The main ADU is 376 square feet, and the remaining square footage is the two-car garage area.

What If I Don’t Need a Full ADU and Just Want a Garage With a Simple Office or Studio Space?

If you want to add a home office or studio without sacrificing parking space and you don’t need a full-featured ADU, a popular alternative is the multi-story garage. This design provides the same ground-level two-car garage as the ADU and garage combo, but instead of a complete ADU, it features a multi-function space on the second floor. This flexible space is ideal for the quiet seclusion desired in a home office or studio, or it can be used to create a fun entertainment space for family and friends.

Pricing for a multi-story garage starts at $47,334. Sizes range from 20’ x 20’ to 24’ x 48’. Use our online tool to customize design features, including style, size, and colors and submit your selections to receive a quote.

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