The Advantages to Having Your Home Office or Studio in the Backyard

Creative Shed Ideas

As more people work from home or venture into the world of creating their own business, having a home office or studio is becoming increasingly more important. A recent trend has seen many of those additions being created right in one’s very own backyard. That’s right: a backyard office or studio. The benefits are many, and we’ve highlighted the core advantages to going the backyard studio/office route.

More Than Just a Shed

The amazing thing about these home offices is that many people are simply installing run-of-the-mill prefabricated sheds and converting them into literal works of art by installing insulation, electrical, and other modifications to make the place homier. In fact, there is a growing number of companies who offer prefabricated structures of various sizes for this very purpose. These buildings are typically more affordable than home renovations.

Because many of these office pods or outdoor offices start out the size of sheds, they’re relatively space-efficient. If you’re worried about installing something that will clash with your home, there are enough companies and customizable options to create a workspace structure that actually complements your house.

It Keeps Work and Your Home Life Separate

The great thing about working from home is that you can be productive in the comfort of your own home. The bad part about working from home is that sometimes you feel like you never really stop working because you work and live in the same location. Well, building your own home office can fix that! You get the experience of working in a dedicated office with the convenience of the shortest commute possible!

This is particularly advantageous for larger households where there may always be someone else home during your telecommuting. When you’re “in your office,” they can’t disturb you because you’ll actually be in the office—outside. This beats home offices in the house because you may still hear kids running around or your spouse going about their day. Chances are slim that you’ll still hear that background noise once you move into the backyard.

It Can Be Your Personal Studio

Sometimes you just can’t imagine someone coming into your studio room and touching your projects or misusing your tools, so having a separate, backyard outdoor studio is the only way to ensure your studio remains a sanctuary. The nice thing about an artist having their own segregated studio is that they can go to town on the decorating and design, and really make it their own creative safe haven where productivity reigns supreme.

You Get Your Own Space when Your House Is Cramped

Some houses or families simply don’t have the room for a home office, studio, or study. Building a structure in your backyard solves that space deficiency and gives you some peace and quiet away from everyone else. Having time away from the rigors of home life can be good for your mood and aid in staying productive.

Backyard Offices Provide a Way to Enjoy Fresh Air and Natural Light More Often

There are many ways to customize a structure to provide optimal natural light and fresh air. Some structures have large sliding doors or plenty of windows, and some even have entire sections of the wall you can open up to make your outdoor office into an open-air workstation. There’s nothing better than being able to work outside while enjoying the amenities of an office space, like lighting, Wi-Fi, and electricity.

You Have a Chance to Create a Sustainable, Self-Sufficient Work space

In a time where sustainability is king in the world of design and architecture, outdoor workspaces can be made from sustainable materials and utilize elements like solar panels or renewable energy generators. You get to create a personal office or studio while keeping the project as green as possible.

Many people can benefit from having their own backyard outdoor studios, from writers and artists to entrepreneurs and the hardcore telecommuter. Even hobbyists and executives can use their own distinct workplace outside the home to stay productive.