10 Reasons Your Home Needs a Backyard Storage Shed

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Keeping your home and garage clean and organized can feel like a struggle sometimes as more and more people succumb to busy work schedules and hectic family life. While you probably rise to the occasion and keep your house in working order, maybe you can’t say the same for your yard or garage.

We’ve all seen that one yard, covered in overgrown grass or littered with bicycles, toys, and random lawn care equipment. Don’t forget about the driveway cluttered with a basketball net, months’ old fertilizer, and sports equipment.

Maybe it’s a neighbor’s yard, or even your own; but the disorganization can get out of hand if left alone for too long. Improving your curb appeal doesn’t require a huge, expensive makeover. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of extra storage to get your yard in presentable shape. Not to mention, if you’ve been using your garage as “storage overflow” then you definitely want to look into a shed.

That’s where storage sheds come in. These simple structures are anything but; however, they can offer so much more than a storage solution for your backyard woes. Nowadays, homeowners are utilizing sheds like never before, turning them into a one-size-fits-all solution.

1.      You Enjoy Working Outside

If you like working on your landscape or have a green thumb, a shed can be the perfect place to store all your landscaping and gardening supplies. Any equipment or materials you’d need for the outdoors are probably best kept outside, too, instead of in the house or garage. That means you’ll also spare yourself having to clean up dirt and other messes from places it doesn’t belong!

2.      You Want Your Property to Look Nice and Organized

Sheds can add a little pizazz to your home’s exterior, and they’re a simple way to organize all those miscellaneous tools, equipment, and yard supplies you can’t make room for in the house or garage. By giving all your things a proper place, you make it easier to find them when they’re needed most. You’re also protecting your belongings by making sure they have a safe, dry place to be stored where they can’t be damaged by the weather.

3.      You Want to Protect Your Valuable Yard Care Equipment from Animals and Thieves

More than the weather can threaten your belongings, especially expensive yard equipment like mowers, leaf/snow blowers, and grills. Animals can chew on electronics such as wires and plastic covers, often rendering your more valuable outdoor equipment useless. When you don’t have a secure place for your things, unscrupulous sorts might take that as a sign to help themselves, which is why it’s better to put your belongings away and keep them secure.

4.      Organization Is Important to You

Sheds provide an invaluable opportunity to get your belongings in order and to keep them organized. Through the use of storage containers, wall hooks, chests, and more, you can create a place for everything from your nails to your lawn mower. This keeps items where they can be easily found and cared for when not in use.

5.      Safely Store Any Harmful or Dangerous Lawn Materials or Equipment

Some yard supplies may be dangerous if left out for others to trip over or touch, as may be the case with children and lawn care chemicals like pesticides and weed killer. Even tools such as shovels, rakes, and shears can present a hazard if someone doesn’t see them in time. Sheds give you a convenient place to store all of those potentially dangerous things and keep them out of sight, making your yard cleaner and safer for all.

6.      You’ll Have Storage Dedicated to Your Outdoor Belongings

Maybe your family isn’t the landscaping sort, but you’ve accumulated sports equipment, lawn chairs, patio umbrellas, and the like over the years and you’ve got no place to store them during the offseason. This can lead to damaged goods or weatherworn furniture that doesn’t cut it once the right season rolls around. By keeping all of your outdoor-related equipment and belongings in a shed, you can protect your investment and free up space in the yard when it’s needed.

7.      You Need a Little Extra Space to Yourself

With a little work, you can turn a shed into a cozy shack. Sometimes they’re called “man caves” or “she sheds” but what they really are, are places for you to get away to. Sheds can be turned into comfortable lounge areas, yoga/meditation rooms, or anything you can think up. All it takes is a little creativity and hard work, and before long, you could have your very own backyard retreat.

8.      You Want Something that Can Be Customized

A huge draw to purchasing a shed is the level of customization you can perform, either yourself or through additional purchases from the manufacturer/designer. What starts out as an ordinary-looking shed can be turned into a luxury playhouse, a tiny home, a work studio; or you can outfit it with amenities like a sound system, lighting, and more. They very much offer a good base for any number of projects, so once you have a good idea and set of plans in mind, consider talking with the manufacturer to make your dream a reality.

9.      You Need More Storage

Sometimes your clutter woes are due to a lack of usable storage space. Attics, basements, and garages are being used for other things besides storage that can cause belongings to pile up in the worst places. When you need basic storage, sheds are a cheap alternative to storage units you have to pay for monthly.

And let’s face it—most of the stuff you put in your garage could be put into a storage shed instead. Isn’t it time to reclaim that garage of yours by adding a little extra storage space to your property.

10. You Want to Create an Economical Living Space

Tiny houses and shed shacks are all the rage these days. People are finding newer, more cost-effective ways to live affordably and one of the biggest ways they’ve done that is through converting your standard garden shed into a livable home. With some insulation and basic wiring you can create a home built for one—or two if you get creative. Most people don’t require much more than a bed, kitchen, and bathroom, and believe it or not, you can actually set up all of that in a custom shed.