4 Reasons You Should Own a Greenhouse

A Green Seg

As an avid backyard gardener, you have probably been considering adding a greenhouse to your property for some time to enhance your gardening capabilities. The colder seasons have always meant hanging up your gloves and trowel for months at a time. And, when you can get your hands into the soil, you are continually battling pesky wildlife to protect delicate seedlings and plants. You know that a greenhouse would be a huge help in making year-round growing a reality and offering substantial protection against those deer and gophers who view your garden as a free buffet. But, did you know that building a high-quality greenhouse is much easier and affordable than you may have imagined? Let’s consider some important reasons you need to take the plunge and add a greenhouse to your property now.

Protects from Cold and Snow, or Too Much Sun

Here in California, we have the benefit of rarely dealing with snow, but a greenhouse will assure that your plants will never be subjected to the freezing white stuff, regardless of your property’s elevation. Since our greenhouses here at Backyard Unlimited are designed for our specific California climate, you can grow and ripen tomatoes, start seedlings, and even protect many tender tropical plants right through the winter with no supplemental heating required. A greenhouse is also perfect for growing fresh salad greens through the winter!

However, what about the abundance of sunshine in the warmer months? Won’t a greenhouse become unbearably hot inside? Not at all. In the summer, with the addition of shade cloth, among other convenient add-on features for climate control, your greenhouse can remain the perfect temperature for growing all your favorite vegetables and plants without running the risk of baking them alive! You can even upgrade your greenhouse to full automation, which provides heat-activated vent openers and thermostat-activated fans to offer worry-free ventilation even when you are not at home.

Your Secret Weapon in The War Against Pests

As a gardener, you are always concerned with keeping pests and wildlife away from your plants, especially your food plants like tomatoes, peppers, and delicate herbs. A greenhouse is a fortress of security that animals and many bugs cannot easily breach! Gone are the days of rabbits and other varmints ruining your most valuable plants. When they are grown in a greenhouse, they are protected.

This protection also saves you money over time, too. As you know, buying larger plants from your local nursery or garden center can be an expensive way to grow your own produce or ornamental plants, but packets of seeds are very inexpensive. Your greenhouse will allow you to start so many more plants from seed than you would have imagined possible. In fact, you will likely have such an abundance of plants and resulting produce that you could set up a roadside stand and make a profit!

Offers a Pleasant Working Environment

We have already discussed climate control in your greenhouse with automated vents and fans that help keep the inside environment ideal for growing all year long. What you may not have considered is that this environment is enjoyable to work or just spend time in, as well. Indoor greenhouse temperatures are typically quite comfortable no matter the season. Also, the soft, diffused light through our 8mm heavy-duty polycarbonate greenhouse material (more on that in a moment) is filtered in wavelengths that plants prefer. These light levels are known to be mood-lifting to humans, as well – especially in the winter months when many suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). A greenhouse is good for your health!

Several add-on convenience options in our greenhouses will make it easy to accomplish your most common gardening tasks and store all your plants. Pre-built plant tables that are optimized for airflow, and potting benches that provide sturdy work surfaces plus storage, can be added to your greenhouse at the time of installation. These accessories are built to fit perfectly and best utilize the available space in your greenhouse, so you definitely want to consider adding them.

Adds Value to Your Property

While the jury is still out on how much direct monetary value a greenhouse will add to your overall property value just by its existence, it has the potential to add considerable value through its function. How so? It’s true that good landscaping around your property appeals to home buyers and adds value for resale, according to several sources, including the National Association of Realtors. Your greenhouse gives you the perfect place to incubate new landscaping plants and delicate tree seedlings that will allow you to upgrade and improve your landscaping for a much lower cost than purchasing plants from a nursery. Even if you have professional design and installation help, growing your own landscape plants will save you money and provide a priceless sense of accomplishment.

With their solid and genuinely maintenance-free construction, our Backyard Unlimited greenhouses provide outstanding value that other self-contained greenhouses cannot match. What makes our designs different?

  • 8mm Twin-Wall polycarbonate greenhouse material
    When many think of greenhouses, they think of glass panels, which are heavy and don’t naturally provide UV protection. Our greenhouses feature UV-resistant, double-walled polycarbonate Plexiglas that is nearly shatterproof and 12-times lighter than glass. This material also has excellent insulating capabilities versus glass and helps retain heat so well that a separate heat source for the colder months is likely not necessary.
  • Superior framing materials
    Our greenhouses feature the same 30-year warranted pressure-treated foundations and 50-year warranted composite trim as our sheds. Durable, “playground safe” pressure-treated (containing no chromated copper arsenate (CCA) in the wood treatment) 2×4 wall and roof framing complete the outstanding build quality.

Still need convincing? Check out our greenhouse photo gallery for inspiration. Or, get in contact today to start planning construction.