The Advantages of a Detached Multi-Story Garage

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If you’re reading this, it is likely that you’ve already been dreaming about constructing a new multi-story garage on your property. Maybe you’re thinking about finally using your garage for its intended purpose – providing a secure, sheltered place to protect your most valuable mobile possessions. Or perhaps you just like the flexibility of a detached garage space to use as a large workshop, studio, or for overflow storage (those large overhead doors really can’t be beaten for access.) Whatever your reasons, there are some distinct advantages to constructing a new, detached multi-story garage on your property. Have you considered them all?

Storage for Multiple Vehicles

This may sound obvious, but the main advantage of a new multi-story garage is the ability to store multiple vehicles. While it’s very likely that your home has an attached garage if it was built in the last 70+ years, it’s also likely that, as many Americans, you’re not using that garage for parking your cars. Many people find their attached garage space taken up by storage for large household items like extra furniture and appliances, or even converted to temporary or permanent living space to accommodate their family’s changing needs. Sometimes that attached garage is just too small for the larger vehicles we tend to drive these days. In any case, we find ourselves with the need for a separate structure to house our vehicles if we don’t want to park them outside.

Here at Backyard Unlimited, we also have a variety of single-story garages, though we realize many people are looking for much larger structures that are able to house several cars or trucks, plus offer easily accessible storage for other equipment, like lawn tractors and mowers, at the same time. Visit our Multi-Story Garage Photo Gallery now to get some visual examples of how others are simultaneously storing more than one vehicle or combinations of vehicles and equipment; we think you’ll be inspired.

Storage for Recreational or Valuable Collector Vehicles

If you enjoy pursuing outdoor activities such as camping, water sports, or off-roading, for example, you have almost certainly accumulated recreational vehicles that need protection from the sun’s harmful rays and other natural elements when not in use. Your campers, boats, ATVs, and all their accessories will appreciate the cool, dry, and ultimately life-extending housing that a garage provides!

Are you a classic or exotic car collector? Again, you most likely have run out of space to store these valuable vehicles within any attached garages on your property, or perhaps you don’t want to store them so close to your living space where they could be accidentally damaged as people and pets may come and go around them. A multi-story detached garage assures that your collectible vehicles are kept safely away from daily life, protecting them from the threat of scratches and dents. Further, these structures can be easily upgraded with security systems to keep your collectible vehicles safe from more extreme threats like theft or vandalism.

Keeps Harmful Chemicals and Fumes Away from Your Living Space

One advantage of detached garages that people tend to overlook, but is really quite significant, is that harmful chemicals like those used in backyard pools and spas or lawn fertilizers, as well as exhaust fumes from the regular operation of your cars and lawn equipment, can be separated from your living space.

If you use your attached garage for vehicle and/or other outdoor item storage today, you’re very aware that smells and dirt tend to find their way from the garage into adjoining areas of the house. Many built-in garages are attached directly to kitchens, which, when you think about it, is somewhat troubling; you store your dirty, smelly car with all of its fuel, oils and hazardous chemical fluids just on the other side of the wall from where you prepare your family’s meals! A detached garage allows you to put more physical distance between your living spaces and those “necessary evil” things that aren’t good for your health and well-being.

Added Finished (or Unfinished) Flexible Space

Do you and your family members have hobbies that require dedicated space? Crafting, art and musical pursuits, woodworking, playing indoor games, or even just reading for fun, to list a few examples. Many of our customers opt to build their multi-story detached garages with a loft or dedicated “upstairs” space above the main bays so they can create a new finished room (or rooms) to use for specific purposes. This space above the garage is extremely flexible and similar to how many people are now reimagining their backyard storage sheds in creative ways, your multi-story garage can be constructed to give you much more than vehicle and equipment storage space.

Don’t want to finish out your garage just yet, or planning to use a loft or attic space strictly for storage? Plenty of people find that simply “roughing in” a flight of stairs and plywood floors and walls in the space above their garage bays offers extremely convenient storage for a variety of things that are currently taking up valuable space inside their homes. View our Garage Options now to check out specific interior storage features like shelving and workbenches that can be added to your garage during construction even if you decide not to fully finish it.

Property Value Enhancement

Last, but certainly not least, a major advantage of adding a detached multi-story garage to your property is the increased property value. The amount of value the new structure adds will vary, of course, depending upon your property’s location and other factors, but you may see a great return on your investment in building the garage. Many home buyers give garages high priority status on their lists of desired property features when shopping, so if you’re planning to sell your property in the future, this is wise to keep in mind.

Because Backyard Unlimited’s high-quality structures are unique in the level of value they provide, your investment will certainly be worth it. Superior craftsmanship and aesthetics, as well as industry-leading warranties, are standards for us.

Ready to start planning your new detached multi-story garage in the San Francisco Bay Area or Sacramento, California? Get in touch now for your customized garage quote.