How to Choose the Right Shed Style for Your Backyard

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The right shed style for you and your property has plenty to do with personal taste and aesthetic preferences, but there are distinct advantages to each style in terms of functionality, too. Some excel at storage while others are suitable for spending quality time inside relaxing or working on projects.

Today we’re taking a closer look at how to choose between the wide variety of shed models, each nearly infinitely customizable, that we proudly build here at Backyard Unlimited. With the amazing number of possibilities, your perfect shed can become a reality with just a few thoughtful decisions.

Know Your Style Options

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When many people think of backyard sheds, they imagine storage buildings similar in design to our High Barn models. With a gambrel roof that accommodates overhead storage space in addition to a spacious main area, the High Barn often features double doors on the front and/or side of the building that make it a fantastic option for storing lawn care equipment and other property maintenance essentials. The styling is reminiscent of a traditional American barn with its gambrel roof. At one time, this shed style was one of the only available, but today, there are quite a few other style options.

If you appreciate a more contemporary look, for example, the Studio models will undoubtedly entice you. With a tall front wall that’s perfect for an array of windows to flood the interior with natural light, the roofline sweeps down toward the back in the manner of a lean-to that gives the rear of the building a low profile. Studio sheds appear at home in urban backyards and a wide range of other properties thanks to their beautiful but understated overall look.

Browse our shed gallery to discover other popular styles like the classic A-frame, distinguished Victorian, and versatile and durable Hip Roof shed models, among others. Style has a bit to do with your intended use, as well, and all of our superior quality sheds increase property value and are a delight to live with.

Determine how You Want to Use Your Shed

Asking yourself what you plan to do with your shed will help you narrow down style options, as different models are best for different uses. As we already mentioned, the traditional High Barn maximizes space for storage and can even be used to house vehicles or livestock. Because the High Barn typically features few windows, if any, it’s less preferable for use as an artist’s studio or workshop, however.

Creative Shed Ideas

So, how do you plan to use your shed? The top reasons tend to be for storage, as a hobby workshop for pursuits like woodworking or crafting, or as a pool house. But there are scores of creative uses you may or may not have already dreamed up. Think about whether you plan to spend a good deal of time inside your shed. If you’re planning to use your new building as a fully finished and furnished private retreat or even as a tiny guesthouse, you’ll want to be sure that it has appropriate overhead space to make the interior feel bigger than it really is. Our New England and Studio sheds are built with taller walls than most of our other models (standard wall height is 6’10” but can be upgraded to 8’) and may provide the more expansive interior feel you’re looking for in an outdoor living space.

If you do simply want to use your shed for more storage on your property, your choice may be a little bit more tied to visual appearance, though you’ll also want to consider accessibility. Based on size and shape, some models better accommodate large double doors on the front or sides of the building, and some can even be built with large overhead garage-type doors. Quaker, Garden Quaker, and Studio sheds are created to have a bit of an overhang that can shelter doors a bit from the elements. Or, compact porches can easily be added to these shed styles as a customization option.

Consider Your Home’s Style

Does your home have a distinctive and definite style like mid-century modern, craftsman, or Victorian? In deciding between shed styles, you have the choice to match your home or intentionally build something completely contrasting to make your new shed stand out. As we already touched on, Studio sheds blend well with more contemporary home architecture, though they may also complement traditional homes through customization of windows, doors, and paint colors. The up-to-date styling of these sheds make them easy to coordinate, and they also look great in naturalistic gardens and wooded areas, as well.

Of course, if your home is a more formal Victorian style, you may want to choose the corresponding Victorian shed with or without a decorative cupola to match the graceful, timeless lines of your home’s classic exterior. The dormer over the double carriage house doors centered on the front of these sheds provides a sense of drama and unique visual appeal that many property owners love, and that makes the Victorian stand out from the landscape.

Consider Placement on Your Property

It’s true that most people place sheds in the backyard, but what other features and buildings are close by? Will you be able to see your new shed from inside your house, or are you planning to construct it in a more out of the way spot? Will it be thoroughly landscaped, or is it a pool house that will be in full view of family members and guests immediately next to your swimming pool? As you think about styling and also about customization options like exterior colors, windows, and doors, you need to consider how your shed will fit into its environment. For uses like pool changing areas, guest houses, or even home offices be sure to think about privacy issues, as well. Do you want neighbors to have the ability to see into your building, or would you rather have it be more out of view from wandering eyes?


While we enjoy great weather conditions here in California, it bears mentioning that certain sheds, such as Hip Roof styles, are particularly great at withstanding harsh winds and nasty weather. This makes it a standout on waterfront properties or in locations prone to high winds. All of Backyard Unlimited’s shed styles are extremely durable, well-built, and feature some of the best warranties in the industry, but Hip Roof style sheds add that little extra peace of mind for those individuals who live in more challenging environments. These sheds also blend well with many architectural styles and look great in just about any backyard!

Ready to start planning your new shed in the San Francisco Bay Area or Sacramento, California? Get in touch now to talk styles, customization options, and our solid construction that guarantees your shed will last for decades.