5 Reasons You Should Own a Gazebo

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Have you been dreaming of making your backyard a more inviting place to spend time with family and friends? If so, you’ve probably considered adding a gazebo or other landscape structure. However, maybe you are not enthusiastic about the styling or build quality of models you’ve seen for sale at the big box home improvement stores. We want to let you know that you don’t have to settle for a gazebo you don’t love!

Here at Backyard Unlimited, we give you extensive options for building a high-quality gazebo that can be customized to fit your needs and personal style. Gazebos have lots of benefits for your property and your lifestyle. Consider the possibilities.

Gazebos Fit Just About Anywhere

Whether octagon, oval, rectangle, or dodecagon (that’s a 12-sided gazebo, if you can believe it!), our custom, Amish-constructed gazebos come in an impressive range of sizes to fit almost anywhere you want to situate them. Some shape configurations, specifically octagon, oval, and rectangle designs, start at widths of just eight feet. That means, if you only have a small corner available to place your gazebo, or are incorporating the structure into a deck design or other unique setting, there is definitely a gazebo that will fit!

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Gazebos are also great as poolside retreats, and smaller versions are often preferred to create an appealing sense of scale within backyard pool areas.

Of course, you might be looking for something on the total opposite end of the size spectrum. Our largest gazebos, with widths of up to 30 feet, can accommodate huge gatherings of people, and will allow you to throw the pool party of the decade!

Gazebos Provide a Great Outdoor Dining Area

As we talked about in a previous blog post, gazebos can be designed to be open like a freestanding porch, or they can be screened in to keep the bugs at bay.

And, a screened-in gazebo is a great place to eat meals “al fresco.” Even the smallest gazebos can host a café dining table and a couple of chairs to create an intimate outdoor dining room. Larger gazebos are perfect for entertaining or having a meal with the entire family.

Whatever your dining preferences, permanent, hardtop gazebos with strong screening will allow you to dine pest-free, even if your gazebo is located next to an ornamental pond or other garden feature that may draw insects.

Gazebos Are Perfect for Entertaining

Have you admired gazebos in public places like town squares or parks? These structures are often chosen for communal spaces because they are naturally inviting, and the traditional octagonal shape of gazebos encourages people to gather and socialize with one another.

Of course, gazebos easily double as a backyard dining room, but they’re also perfect gathering spaces for family board game night or just sitting and chatting with friends while enjoying the fresh air on a perfect summer evening, too. Benches can be incorporated into your gazebo’s structure to create a purpose-built conversation nook.

Gazebos Are Stylish in Any Backyard

While our most popular gazebos tend to have Victorian-inspired styling, these landscape structures can be designed to complement just about any home or backyard design scheme. If turned posts, ornate scrollwork, and fanciful cupolas aren’t your style, or you just don’t love the overall octagonal shape of typical gazebos, we’ve got options for you!

Consider rectangle-shaped gazebos, which both maximize floor space (fitting square or rectangular dining tables into rectangle gazebos is easier than in other designs with more sides) and have a more modern look. Depending upon the space you have available for your gazebo, a rectangular or square footprint may simply work better, as well. No matter the shape or style options you choose, your gazebo will certainly draw compliments from everyone who sees it!

Gazebos Add Value to Your Property

While real estate industry experts often decline to attach a dollar amount to how much backyard structures can add to your property’s value, there are many ways gazebos increase your property’s overall appeal, which could translate into a better return if you list your home for sale.

First, gazebos are unique. They’re not found in every backyard, so having a charming gazebo may make your home more inviting when compared to others with run-of-the-mill landscape features. Your gazebo could also make your home more memorable to prospective buyers, and that could translate to more money in your pocket at sale.

Of course, if you have no interest in selling your property, your gazebo will just increase your own enjoyment of your already beloved home and yard.

Your gazebo will also add usable living space to your property, which effectively adds square footage to your home. The more you upgrade your gazebo with electrical service, lighting, and furniture, the more it becomes a true “outdoor room,” and you will likely find your family clamoring to spend time there. Perhaps you’ll need to add more than one gazebo?

Ready to get started on customizing your new gazebo here in California? Request a free quote today, and our gazebo experts will be happy to help make your gazebo dreams become a reality!