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Are you a serious gardener looking to extend the growing season of your plants? Have you been thinking about adding a greenhouse for awhile, but worry about the hassle of maintaining it? Then you'll appreciate the benefits of a solid, long-lasting, maintenance-free greenhouse from Backyard Unlimited that lets you focus on your plants instead of worrying about your greenhouse.

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Solid Construction

Our greenhouses are built from a solid, pressure-treated wood frame and outfitted with strong, nearly unbreakable, 8mm, double-walled polycarbonate Plexiglas that offers superior protection from harmful UV rays, while giving your plants the sunlight they need to thrive.

Climate Control

Designed specifically for the California climate, our greenhouses offer plenty of ventilation to release excess heat that can damage tender seedlings or even burn your mature plants. Plus, we offer a fully-automated option with a solar thermostat, that automatically opens the vents and activates the fans to keep your greenhouse at the proper temperature, regardless of the weather conditions.

Completely Self-Contained & Maintenance-Free

Our greenhouses are completely self-contained and arrive fully-assembled and ready for use the same day! Choose our space-efficient lean-to design or opt for a free-standing greenhouse in sizes starting at 10x12.

Options for Convenience

Customize your greenhouse with a variety of options including planting tables or potting benches to make gardening even more convenient!

Want to find out more? Check out our greenhouse designs in our photo gallery or contact Backyard Unlimited today to find out more about adding a greenhouse to your backyard garden!