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Chicken Coops

Enjoy fresh eggs and family fun with a quality-built chicken coop! Choose from a variety of styles and sizes, all with a long list of standard features. Or let us customize your chicken coop to meet your specific needs!

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Quaker Chicken Coop

Quaker Click for more details

Inspired by century old barn styles, our Quaker hen houses feature a distinctive roof line overhang that works well in just about any backyard setting.

Combination Chicken Coop

Combination Click for more details

Our Combination coops feature a hen house with an attached chicken run to give chickens a safe place to scratch.

Tractor Chicken Coop

Tractor Click for more details

Keep your chickens on fresh grass with our Tractor style hen house featuring a movable cage and run combo.

A-Frame Chicken Coop

A-Frame Click for more details

A clean, classic look favored by many, our A-Frame chicken coops offer straight lines, beautiful trim and their own touch of class!

Dutch Chicken Coop

Dutch Click for more details

Providing maximum interior space, our Dutch coops offer a quaint hip-style roof, creating the look of a miniature barn.

Lean-To Chicken Coop

Lean-To Click for more details

Our best space-saving coop, the Lean To is designed to be set against a building or wall, saving valuable yard space.

Optional Features to Keep Your Chickens Healthy & Happy:

The right door for your chicken coop is one that offers a quality latch for closing as well as holding the door open.

One inch by two inch mesh inside the ventilation door keeps predators out of the hen house, while still allowing extra ventilation for your hens.

Sturdy, well-designed nesting boxes feature a lid heavy enough to keep predators out, yet still allow easy access to the eggs.

Add a feed bin beside your chicken coop to keep your feed and bedding close by and secure from rodents. We can match your feed bin to your hen house with a matching stain, paint or trim for a seamless look. Custom sizes are also available. Just contact us for details!

Glassboard Floor

Make cleanup a breeze by adding a glassboard floor to your coop!

Litter Tray

Recommended for smaller chicken coops, our removable litter tray makes it easier to keep your chickens cleaner and healthier.

Electrical Package

Our electrical package allows you to add convenient options to your chicken coop including heated water bowls, lighting, automatic doors and more...

Fertilize your whole yard without sacrificing the grass. Our wheel package makes your chicken house movable, providing fresh scratch areas for your chickens and keeping your grass healthier. We offer several styles of wheels, including one that allows you to lower the hen house to the ground and then jack it back up to move it. Contact us for details on all the options!

Chicken Coop Guidelines

  • Most coop guides suggest allowing approximately 2 square feet of space per adult bird.
  • Chicken coops should be easy to clean, well-ventilated and draft free and include clean watering and feeding stations as well as adequate roosts.
  • Provide good bedding, such as sawdust (untreated wood only), wood shavings, or chopped straw.
  • Dirt floors can work where the soil is sandy and the drainage reasonable. However, wood floors are easier to clean and protect. Check out our Glassboard surface for ease of cleaning!

Keeping Chickens Through Winter

  • Chickens need extra grain to keep them warm and also to compensate for lack of grass and insects.
  • Keeping your coop filled with the recommended amount of chickens helps to provide enough body heat to keep your chickens comfortable
  • Make sure your chickens have water... not ice!

Best Chicken Breeds for Your Hen House

Rhode Island Red

Brown egg layer. Nice looking chicken with good disposition

Buff Orpington

Brown egg layer. Docile, fat yellow chicken.

Barred Rock

Brown egg layer. Interesting black and white striped patterned feathers. Good disposition


Lays blue eggs. Fuzzy faced, large chicken. Generally friendly with a good disposition.

White Leghorn

White egg layer. Can be nervous and flighty. Not as docile as other breeds.

Predators and How They Kill


Raccoons prey on chickens night and sometimes day. They can reach through wire and will often pull the chickens head or legs off, through the wire. They also can tunnel under runs without wire flooring. Easy latches can be opened by Raccoons.


Most dogs are natural predators and will find chickens very hard to resist. Even family pets unless trained, will be tempted by your chickens. Most dogs will eat the chicken, leaving only feathers. Dogs can be trained to let them alone or even guard them. Some dogs will only chase or 'play' with them but the trauma can keep the hen from laying eggs for months.


Skunks tend to eat the eggs more than kill adult poultry but they have been known to do that occasionally also. Eggs will usually be crushed inwardly and chickens will have the head removed as the skunk wants to drink the blood.


Hawks will kill adult chickens if they are outside without the protection of a cage with a wired roof. Prey is killed with talons and torn into bite size pieces with the beak.


Venomous snakes can kill full size hens but most snakes will go for the eggs. Keep the hen house secure with no cracks or holes. Keep tall grass cut and do not have your hen house close to compost piles or piles of logs or rocks, as these are snakes favorite hideouts.


Cats (even domestic pets) enjoy the thrill of the hunt and can prey on small chick- ens and chicks. They can be trained to see them as fellow pets however. Metal mesh, barbed wire picket fence and tall hedges with thick lower growth can deter them.


Opossum will eat the chicken feed, eggs, chicks and will attack chickens. Keep a strong cage and your chickens penned at night.


All of these enjoy eating chicken. Secure your chickens at dusk in a tight and strong hen house to deter them. Large breed dogs are good to dissuade the ani- mals from the property or at least to alert you to their presence


rats, mice, owl, crow, squirrel, Fisher cat, bear, mice, mink, weasel, lice, mites