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7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Living Space

If you find yourself looking out into your backyard and wondering what to do with it, we’re here to help. Backyards can be one of the most underutilized parts of a home but their potential is limitless. The best part is that any size yard can get a makeover that will increase the use you get out of it. With spring already here and summer looming, now’s the time to consider how you might like to enjoy your warm and sunny days outside—and how your yard can help get you there. Continue reading

The Advantages to Having Your Home Office or Studio in the Backyard

As more people work from home or venture into the world of creating their own business, having a home office or studio is becoming increasingly more important. A recent trend has seen many of those additions being created right in one’s very own backyard. That’s right: a backyard office or studio. The benefits are many, and we’ve highlighted the core advantages to going the backyard studio/office route.

Continue reading