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Building Your Dream She Shed, Man Cave, Backyard Studio, and More!

Every hard-working homeowner deserves a private retreat to pursue hobbies or just get away from it all. This is why so-called “She Sheds” and “Man Caves” have recently become all the rage in property improvement options.

It’s true that there are lots of creative uses for backyard sheds that allow you to add purpose-built space beyond the walls of your home for whatever activities you enjoy. However, She Sheds, Man Caves, and art or music studios are some of the most popular custom uses for our sheds here at Backyard Unlimited because they promote relaxation for busy adults.

These unique uses, along with others that promote more serious pursuits — like workout sheds to house home gyms, office sheds that allow you to work from home with fewer distractions, and more — give you a little space on your property that’s just for you.

Today we’re taking a closer look at various livable shed options to inspire you to build your own and claim a little fun and personal space in your own life! Continue reading

Holiday Decorating for Your Landscape Structures

The holiday season has arrived, and as you “deck the halls” (and porches, roofs, trees, and bushes outdoors), we’re here to remind you that another decorating opportunity exists on your property that you may have overlooked – your landscape structures!

Gazebos, pergolas, pavilions, and even sheds benefit from festive makeovers and add an extra dimension of holiday “wow” to the exterior of your home. So grab another strand of lights and a wreath or two, and get to work!

Not sure where to start? That’s fine, too! Whether your decorating scheme tends toward the elegant and minimalist or the crazy and over-the-top, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips to inspire you to create a true winter wonderland in your backyard this season by incorporating your outdoor structures! Continue reading

5 Reasons You Should Own a Gazebo

Have you been dreaming of making your backyard a more inviting place to spend time with family and friends? If so, you’ve probably considered adding a gazebo or other landscape structure. However, maybe you are not enthusiastic about the styling or build quality of models you’ve seen for sale at the big box home improvement stores. We want to let you know that you don’t have to settle for a gazebo you don’t love!

Here at Backyard Unlimited, we give you extensive options for building a high-quality gazebo that can be customized to fit your needs and personal style. Gazebos have lots of benefits for your property and your lifestyle. Consider the possibilities. Continue reading

How a Single Car Garage Can Save Your Driveway

Do you use your home’s driveway for parking an extra vehicle? It’s true that the average American family owns about two light-duty vehicles (cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans) according to recent statistical data, which means that your home’s attached garage should be able to accommodate your parking needs. But, it’s also true that many families use their home’s integrated garage space to store other items, or even as a living area, displacing the cars that were supposed to “live” there.

The point is, if you’re parking your car, truck, or even your boat or camper outside on your driveway, you’re doing a disservice to both your vehicle and the pavement (and your wallet, too)! It’s time to consider how you can save your driveway and your money over the long term. We’re here to tell you that a detached, single-car garage is a great solution. Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading

Garden Sheds

How to Choose the Right Shed Style for Your Backyard

The right shed style for you and your property has plenty to do with personal taste and aesthetic preferences, but there are distinct advantages to each style in terms of functionality, too. Some excel at storage while others are suitable for spending quality time inside relaxing or working on projects.

Today we’re taking a closer look at how to choose between the wide variety of shed models, each nearly infinitely customizable, that we proudly build here at Backyard Unlimited. With the amazing number of possibilities, your perfect shed can become a reality with just a few thoughtful decisions. Continue reading

All About Gazebos, Pavilions, and Pergolas

Have you been dreaming of ways to make your backyard more inviting and livable? Perhaps you have a deck where you enjoy spending time, but it gets hot in the afternoon sun with little or no shade. Or maybe your backyard doesn’t currently have many comfortable features beyond a few chairs or a basic patio. Landscape structures can offer new options for relaxing on your own property. In fact, you may find that creating a calm oasis in your backyard with a gazebo, pavilion, or pergola makes it difficult to spend time anywhere else!

The question is, which structure is the best choice for your unique property? And what are the differences between these three main types anyway? Here at Backyard Unlimited we often hear from customers just beginning a backyard improvement project who don’t know what best suits their personal style while solving all challenges presented by their particular outdoor living space. Understanding the key differences between gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas will help you choose the best structure for your individual yard and lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look at each. Continue reading

4 Reasons You Should Own a Greenhouse

As an avid backyard gardener, you have probably been considering adding a greenhouse to your property for some time to enhance your gardening capabilities. The colder seasons have always meant hanging up your gloves and trowel for months at a time. And, when you can get your hands into the soil, you are continually battling pesky wildlife to protect delicate seedlings and plants. You know that a greenhouse would be a huge help in making year-round growing a reality and offering substantial protection against those deer and gophers who view your garden as a free buffet. But, did you know that building a high-quality greenhouse is much easier and affordable than you may have imagined? Let’s consider some important reasons you need to take the plunge and add a greenhouse to your property now. Continue reading

The Advantages to Having Your Home Office or Studio in the Backyard

As more people work from home or venture into the world of creating their own business, having a home office or studio is becoming increasingly more important. A recent trend has seen many of those additions being created right in one’s very own backyard. That’s right: a backyard office or studio. The benefits are many, and we’ve highlighted the core advantages to going the backyard studio/office route.

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10 Reasons Your Home Needs a Backyard Storage Shed

Keeping your home and garage clean and organized can feel like a struggle sometimes as more and more people succumb to busy work schedules and hectic family life. While you probably rise to the occasion and keep your house in working order, maybe you can’t say the same for your yard or garage.

We’ve all seen that one yard, covered in overgrown grass or littered with bicycles, toys, and random lawn care equipment. Don’t forget about the driveway cluttered with a basketball net, months’ old fertilizer, and sport equipment.

Maybe it’s a neighbor’s yard, or even your own; but the disorganization can get out of hand if left alone for too long. Improving your curb appeal doesn’t require a huge, expensive makeover. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of extra storage to get your yard in presentable shape. Not to mention, if you’ve been using your garage as “storage overflow” then you definitely want to look into a shed.

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How to Update Your Yard with a Stylish Outdoor Gazebo

Yards can get boring fast when all you do is focus on the lawn and garden. Sometimes you need a little something else to draw the eye to the various locations around a big yard, or you have to introduce a new element to make the space more engaging.

Well, one basic structure can do that for a yard no matter how big or small it is.

An outdoor gazebo can easily turn a drab lawn into a happening nighttime party space or add a bit of romance to an otherwise featureless landscape.

With a gazebo, you can enjoy your yard rain or shine, or create an impromptu spot for friends and family to gather. The great thing about any outdoor structure like this is the level of customization you can achieve.

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